Vulnerability Scanning

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. In addition, you deserve to be hacked “- Richard Clarke


IT security is not just about buying products, and so believing that the Holy Grave is well kept. If the systems are not properly set up, if they are not patched and you are not familiar with known issues in the product, then the risk of one’s network standing open is very high.

Therefore, it is vital for any company that they regularly test their infrastructure before the IT criminals exploit vulnerabilities. Once an attacker has come inside, an average of 9 months before it is discovered – in these statistics, only the cases have been included, which means that the real number of businesses is hacked, probably is significantly higher.

Vulnerability Scanning

In a vulnerability scan it is important not only to look at ports because critical applications are behind. Therefore, our service includes looking at the following areas:

  • Fildrev
  • Script Control
  • Ports
  • Web services that contain vulnerabilities
  • System Files
  • User Accounts
  • Devices not mapped
  • Application of P2P applications
  • Uncertain protocols
  • Third party programs with known vulnerabilities
  • Standard Codes
  • Error Configurations
  • Unnecessary services

With a vulnerability scanning service from GlobalSequr, your business can decide if:

  • Annual scan incl. report
  • Half-year scan incl. report
  • Quarterly scan incl. report
  • Ongoing scans when new services arrive online

When you receive the report, all areas will be uncovered, false positives will be sorted out, and there will be action plans so your business can work structured to cover the gaps.

A GlobalSEqur Vulnerability Subscription enables your business to be calm and focus on other parts of the business.