Penetration Testing

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle


In recent years, we have seen a lot of leakage that stems from the fact that a website has not been adequately protected. Those we typically hear about in the press are the big leaks like:

  • LinkedIn – 117 million usernames and passwords
  • Twitter – 32 million usernames and passwords
  • EBay – 125 million usernames and passwords

But every eternal single day businesses get stolen sensitive information – and most often they never find out.

Lack of penetration testing means that many businesses lose data, confidential information, temporary closure of features, and this could mean loss of competitiveness, financial loss, malfunction and image loss to name just a few of the areas.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing many companies that have a lot of focus on perimeter and end-point security. To secure its systems, therefore, for many companies is a slightly overlooked security aspect, which can be catastrophic because the critical data of companies is located in systems, where IT security should be the highest.


A distinction is made between three types of penetration tests:

Most often, we recommend that it is a combination of both black/gray/white-box, as it will provide the most thorough test.

Below is a brief description of our process description and method:

A penetration test can vary in size, and basically one can continue to test. Therefore, we always make a dialogue with you as a customer to define the scope of the assignment. Typically, a penetration test of a stand-alone application will span between 30-60 hours depending on complexity. If there are larger systems, there may be a longer course.

At GlobalSequr, we have some of the best penetration testers in the market, which hold accreditations from NATO, major global banks and enterprise companies. This ensures a high and consistent quality.

With a penetration test from GlobalSequr, your business significantly reduces your exposure to IT crime and can focus on your business.