DPO as a Service

“Privacy is not an option” – Gary Kovacs


In conjunction with the new GDPR, which will take effect on May 25, 2018, most companies will complete a larger project than being “compliant”.

As your business is dynamic and constant in development, it means that you may get other types of personal data, that the system scenery changes or that the procedures, policies, and recorders are constantly updating.

In addition, there is a requirement that all public authorities, as well as private companies that have personal data as core activity, have a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

There are a number of areas, that determine whether your business can assess whether you need a DPO in relation to the law. You can read this article if you are in doubt:


Even though the company does not meet the requirements for having a DPO, there are still a number of requirements that must be followed in the GDPR. Updates need to be updated, processes, “right to be forgotten”, and a number of other areas must be addressed continuously.

The entire area of the GDPR is a complex area, that is undergoing continuous adjustment. Therefore, it requires that one’s knowledge follows the development, which can be difficult if it is not a main focus of the business.

With a GDPR as a Service from GlobalSequr, we ensure that the company is constantly up to date with legislation. We devote hours every quarter to follow up on the different areas, so your company is confident that there is control in this area.

The areas that GlobalSequr will continuously maintain, expand and ensure that it matches your business are the areas:

GDPR as a Service from GlobalSequr is a subscription agreement, where we together define how many hours we will quarterly help your business. A typical deal can range from ½ day to 5 days a quarter, depending on the complexity of your business.

With a GlobalSequr service agreement, your business will gain access to specialists, who know your business and can advise on a high professional level – while focusing on your core business.