Compromising analysis

“Compromise can not be allowed in cases where the exact truth can be found” – Arthur Lynch


On average, a company has been hacked for 9 months before it is found out. This statistic is based solely on the cases, where the company finds out. In addition, some companies never find out that they are hacked. The consequences are numerous – there may be financial loss, loss of intellectual property or company servers, clients may be used by the criminals to conceal or as part of the botnet.

GlobalSequr can help your business dive into those areas where there are likely to be traces of whether your business has already been hacked and to identify the areas where a hacker could most easily get into your business.

The most obvious places to look at if your business is already compromised are:

If we find indicators that your business is compromised, we will conduct more in-depth forensic analysis to see if the criminals have accessed critical data, have access to usernames and password, have escalated privileges, set up rear doors, etc. This will happen on a continuous basis as we collect data and analyze data.

In addition to being aware of whether your business is compromised, there will also be a “Proof of Concept” in relation to some of the best products and services in the market, allowing your business to assess how the budget for IT security used as best as possible.

The entire process will typically last 2-3 months when data collection is taking place, and in parallel there will be analysis of the different indicators. It all ends with a report and a meeting where the report is presented.

During the design phase, we will be part of a dialogue about what to investigate and how much resources we need for the analysis. In this connection, we have the opportunity to model the analysis so that it contains exactly the areas to be investigated and limit the analysis to it.

If you want to sleep safely at night or your management requires you to prove that your business is not compromised, then this is the right solution.