About Us

GlobalSequr A/S is an IT-supplier, build on the belief that both companies and private individuals have the right to privacy.

We strive to secure companies against illegal intrusion/hacking and against interception of the companies communication. GlobalSequr finds it very important that all personal data is handled responsible and with respect for the clients who have delivered the information.

GlobalSequr A/S is working with datasecurity from a holistic perspective where security is a part of the complete data handling process of the company. It is not only a question of having the right technical solutions but also a question of an active log-management and internal procedures.

Our goal is to de-mystify the complexity of datasecurity. We wish to “boil down” datasecurity to something which can be understood and used in organisations in a user friendly and transparent fashion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to, through digital solutions, create safety and security for our customers.  This is done through the implementation of intelligent solutions that supports both the current needs of the company, as well as any expected future developments.