Holistic fuse

“If you think technology can solve your security issues then you do not understand the problems and you do not understand the technology.” – Bruce Schneier


When building your defense against cybercriminals, it is important to think throughout the chain. You can buy poorly in systems that need to keep malware out, but if you do not have any systems that can detect that the criminals have come through your defense, you might have been wrong.

The following model shows how to work to secure all parts.

Medieval Castle

Basically, methodology has not changed since the Middle Ages. If you were a man working on a land, which you should protect, then you would build some strategic places. In the design of one’s medieval city the following questions were asked:

  • Who are my enemies, what are their goals and how strong are they?
  • How high will the wall be, how wide and deep should the moat be and how many soldiers should I have?
  • How do we detect attacks and how do we respond to attacks?
  • How do we react if the enemy has come in and how do we minimize the potential damage and what have we learned from the attack for the next time?

The purpose

It is important to make sure, that you are in the best possible way, but it is utopia to imagine that your business will not be hacked at one point. The statistics say that, on average, companies have been hacked for 9 months before companies find out. There can be a lot of damage in 9 months, and much data may disappear during that period.

The longer a hacker is inside, the greater is the likelihood that backdoors have been created, privileges have escalated, usernames and passwords have been intercepted. It can mean a huge cleanup and thus an irreversible bill to clean up once the damage has been allowed to evolve. Therefore, it is important that we are capable of detecting, analyzing and responding faster, so that we can together protect your data and ensure your business continuity.