The Personal Data Protection Regulation will enter into force on May 25, 2018. For some companies, minor changes require to meet these requirements, but for the majority of companies, these changes will require a number of restructuring in the company, which must be fully implemented before the entry into force.


Therefore, it is important that your business has already started to get an overview of your current situation, so it will be possible to relate to what needs updating. With this turntable you have a roadmap for the overall course.

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In order to reach the goals of the Personal Data Protection Regulation before May 25, 2018, the first and most important step is that your business gets a good understanding of the content of the legislation, how it affects your business and what it takes to make sure you reach the goal.

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GAP analysis

A GAP analysis aims to find out where the company should be and where the company is in the real time. A GAP analysis should always be based on a risk assessment strategy and compare it with best practice within GDPR and IT security.

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During the evaluation phase, you will get a complete overview of where your business is in relation to GDPR. In this phase we work with how data comes in, risk analyzes, possibly impact assessments, data flow analyzes and describes data streams.

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Once your business has completed the various phases of planning, GAP analysis and evaluation, the time has come to implement various actions that are required for your business to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Regulation.

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Once your company has completed the previous phases around the Personal Data Protection Regulation, it is important that the actions that have been implemented will also be maintained, updated and modified as your business development.

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GlobalSequr can significantly shorten your process and implement the project in a higher quality, because we have the expertise, frameworks and document templates that cover the wall of your GDPR project.