Are you attentive to your level of IT-security?

IT- and information-security is about protecting the knowledge and processes, on which the business and existence of the company is reliant. For most companies, it can be difficult to gain the necessary overview of the current safety level yourself, and thereby equally difficult to chose the wisest solutions and obtain the desired level of security.

Strategy and planning

Get an overview of the current security situation in your IT-systems through a thorough security and risk evaluation, along with the related risk analysis. Today, an IT-security policy is a very important tool in your business.

Design and implementation

We analyse your business procedures from the board level and down, and assists in the different stages necessary in order to define the IT-security policy of the company, stated by the executives.

Protect knowledge at processes through IT-security

For most companies there are great challenges related to the establishment of the “right” level of security within the organisation and thereby the achievement of the wanted effect.

Achieving effective improvements

In GlobalSequr A/S we are working with IT and information security from a holistic perspective. Vi are focussed on the business related operation and development, as week as the IT operation-stability. The goal of our solutions is to ensure the best possible IT and information security within the agreed limits – mainly through effective improvements to the existing systems.